Imperfect Tense Conjugation Chart

Imperfecto (de indicativo)


Used to express an action that was continuous in the past and its completion is not indicated.
Example: She was singing when I arrived.

Imperfect Tense –AR Verbs
yo [STEM] + aba
[STEM] + abas
él / Ud. [STEM] + aba
nosotros [STEM] + ábamos
vosotros [STEM] + abais
ellos / Uds. [STEM] + aban

Imperfect Tense –ER & –IR Verbs
yo [STEM] + ía
[STEM] + ías
él / Ud. [STEM] + ía
nosotros [STEM] + íamos
vosotros [STEM] + íais
ellos / Uds. [STEM] + ían