Imperfect Subjunctive Conjugation Chart

Imperfecto de subjuntivo


Used in the dependent clause when the verb in the main clause is in the imperfect, preterite, conditional, or past perfect (pluperfect) and requires the use of the subjunctive.
Example: I wanted you to do it.

Used to politely express a wish or desire.
Example: Could you help us?

Imperfect Subjunctive –AR, –ER, & –IR Verbs – Version 1
yo [STEM*] + ra
[STEM*] + ras
él / Ud. [STEM*] + ra
nosotros [STEM*] + ´ramos
vosotros [STEM*] + rais
ellos / Uds. [STEM*] + ran

Imperfect Subjunctive –AR, –ER, & –IR Verbs – Version 2
yo [STEM*] + se
[STEM*] + ses
él / Ud. [STEM*] + se
nosotros [STEM*] + ´semos
vosotros [STEM*] + seis
ellos / Uds. [STEM*] + sen

*Form stem by dropping -ron ending of the ellos (3rd person plural) form of the preterite tense