Future Subjunctive Conjugation Chart

Futuro de subjuntivo


Used in the dependent clause when 1) the verb in the main clause is in the present or future tense and requires the use of the subjunctive and 2) the action in the dependent clause is an action in the future.

Rarely Used. Tends to be replaced with by the present subjunctive.

Future Subjunctive –AR, –ER, & –IR Verbs
yo [STEM*] + re
[STEM*] + res
él / Ud. [STEM*] + re
nosotros [STEM*] + ´remos
vosotros [STEM*] + reis
ellos / Uds. [STEM*] + ren

*Form stem by dropping -ron ending of the ellos (3rd person plural) form of the preterite tense