Too Tired to Learn Spanish?

So, you want to learn Spanish? You have decided that in addition to your regular day job and attending to your family, you will take on another task of learning a completely new language. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, until you realize how exhausted you are and don’t have the time or energy to learn anything new.

Good thing is that there is a solution to all that. It is all about knowing how to maximize your time and learn Spanish without tiring yourself too much. Because let’s be honest, learning a new language is not an easy task at all, so you need to try to make it as easy as possible for yourself.

Here are some great pointers:

1. Learn in Bed

Get some Spanish learning done first thing when you wake up in the morning or last thing before you sleep – that way you can do it in bed. Nowadays, with the gift of technology, you can easily whip out your smartphone or tablet and get some Spanish learning done without having to move much.

2. Watch the news in Spanish

When you get home and all you want to do is plop yourself on the couch, do it. And at the same time you can get some Spanish learning done as well by watching the news in Spanish. Relating the words to the images you see will definitely help you learn, plus, you will be updated with what is going on in the world.

3. Listen to Spanish music

What is great is that you can relax and listen to music at the same time. Learn some Spanish music and sing-a-long to it. You won’t realize it but you are actually picking up useful stuff by just listening and singing along to Spanish songs that you enjoy.

4. Have coffee and learn Spanish

We all enjoy having a break at a cafe while watching people pass by. Well, you might as well incorporate some Spanish learning to that. Use the language learning tools on your phone, or even grab a good Spanish learning book while having a nice cup of Joe.

5. Cook in Spanish

Cooking for your family can become a Spanish learning experience for you as well. Get Spanish recipes and make your meals while understanding what it means. You’ll not only learn Spanish, but at the same time, you will become knowledgeable in Spanish cuisine.


Well, there you have it, as you can see, you don’t ever have to be too tired to learn Spanish. It is all about incorporating your learning experience into your usual every day tasks. You won’t be fluent overnight, but at least you are getting started on your goal to learning the Spanish language.