Silent Spanish Learning

Many of us want to learn a language but get overwhelmed with all the learning that comes with it. When there is just so much going on, we end up giving up with our Spanish learning completely, wasting all the time that has already been spent learning.  How can we avoid that and actually reach the finish line of this goal? What has worked for me is to take things step by step.  Approach the challenge slowly in sections rather than tackling everything at once as a whole.  This type of learning will encourage you to absorb and really listen to the language before taking a bite at challenging yourself to do more.

Here are some steps to consider that will help you get to Spanish fluency slowly but surely.

Step 1 – Absorb and Listen

How did we start speaking our mother tongue in the first place? As a child, what we did was listen to everything around us which helped us pick up on our first language, whether it be English or something else. This means that absorbing and listening is quite effective since it worked on every single human being already. So if you want to learn Spanish, start getting yourself into it by listening and absorbing others around you who speak the language. Now, if you don’t know any Spanish speakers, consider watching television in Spanish and listening to the radio.

Step 2 – Make Some Noise

Only you can determine when you are ready to move on from the silent learning process. When you feel you are ready, you can start making some noise by using all that you absorbed. Watching a telenovela may have helped you with sentence construction and the proper pronunciation of Spanish words. Or perhaps a Spanish song got stuck in your head that you simply can’t stop singing. These are all part of the process to getting fluent and are indicators that you are getting to your goal.

Step 3 – Seal the Deal

Consider taking your learning to the next level so that you can really complete your goal of being fluent in Spanish. Download some apps, enroll into language courses and think of effective learning methods for you. You might even want to take a trip to a Spanish speaking country and really immerse yourself in the language. At least you’ll have fun doing so!

Don’t give up when learning Spanish. Just take step back and look at things one by one so that you can figure out how you can achieve your goal.


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