A Guide to Planning a Foreign Trip on a Budget to a Spanish Speaking Country

Summer is coming…which means it’s the perfect time to plan your Spanish Club trip to a foreign country! As an officer of your club, you are definitely a pro at planning things by now, but that doesn’t mean that planning

Spanish Club Activities–Plan the BEST YEAR EVER!

Congratulations!  You were just elected an officer of your school’s Spanish Club. You’re excited because there are A TON of things you can do this year, but you have one question:  WHERE DO I START?!? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!

The Importance of Conjugating in Spanish

There are so many parts to learning Spanish. Memorization of words is just one of them but another part to it is conjugation. Knowing how to properly conjugate in Spanish is key to really speaking and understanding the language. The

Spanish Word for Word

So, how can you make Spanish learning easy for you? Simple – stick to growing your Spanish vocabulary so that you will have tons of words at your disposal. Once you know the words, the sentence construction and grammar will

Silent Spanish Learning

Many of us want to learn a language but get overwhelmed with all the learning that comes with it. When there is just so much going on, we end up giving up with our Spanish learning completely, wasting all the